Rinkuskiai Brewery - The Way of the Warrior

Rinkuskiai Brewery - The Way of the Warrior

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Brand Name
Rinkuskiai Brewery - The Way of the Warrior
Country of Origin
Product Category
Alcohol Content
7.5% abv
Bottle size
500 ml (16.9 fl oz)
Bottles Per Case
UPC Code
Cases / Layer
Layer / Pallet
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The Way of the Warrior



When you hear the words “malt liquor”, what immediately comes to your mind? College parties? The day before payday? A wicked hangover? Garish labels bearing snakes, tigers and bears? Snoop Dogg? All of the above? Probably, but there’s an even bigger question that comes to the mind: what is malt liquor? Not a style unto itself, malt liquor is probably the best considered product category. Sounds sexy, right? Malt liquor is made for two things: strength and value. Malt liquor is, generally speaking, a strong beer (6% abv and higher) made with adjuncts, often with extra enzymes added to boost fermentability and (in theory, at least), drinkability.


The Way of the Warrior malt liquor is the second craft malt liquor produced by boutique brewery in Lithuania. Has 7.5 abv, 12.5% density. Bitter lager beer in light amber color with a full-bodied refreshing taste.


The design was developed by Aiko Importers, Inc. as a tribute to the real man facing challenges of todays world. Main principles of the warrior are alive today more then ever, following them makes a man proud and strong.


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