Brandy - Lion

Brandy - Lion

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Brandy - Lion
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Armenians had kept the record of their brandy since the times of Noah when the biblical patriarch planted the first vineyard at the foothills of the Mount Ararat. The memory about the forefather of the brassed drink is still alive. This Brandy is aged to perfection for five years.

Armenian brandy is created from two essential ingredients: the white grapes that grow in the valley’s volcanic soil and spring water from its many streams. 

An elegant bouquet featuring scents of new leather, dried fruit, pine needle, oak, nuts, and lanolin. The palate entry is enticingly sweet; the midpalate is honeyed, creamy and smooth. Concludes gracefully with reined-in notes of sautéed butter, roasted walnuts, nougat, honey and dark caramel.


Our brandy are bottled in the handmade bottles, exclusively made for us by the small boutique art glass manufacture in the city Yerevan, Armenia.

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