Miodula Honey

Miodula Honey

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Miodula Honey
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Miodula Honey Vodka

The honey itself is of great importance. Apart from the appropriate physical-chemical parameters, it must by honeydew honey and originate from the Beskid or Podbeskid regions. Beskid honey is honeydew-nectar honey with the characteristic aroma of plants growing in the local microclimate. The honey used in production, of course from the Beskid and Podbeskid regions, is specially selected and blended by its supplier.
In 2006, the uniqueness of Miodula was awarded with the prestigious emblem "Teraz Polska."Miodula Presidential Blend matures in oak barrels made of Polish oak, supplied by one producer due to the fact that wood composition varies according to the area from which it originates. This allows us to obtain a product of stable aromatic-flavour characteristics. For barrel production, wood of old oaks is used, and it is important that it be dried over a few years. Oak wood contains a large amount of aromatic compounds which are transferred to the alcohol while maturing and have an enormous impact on creating the appropriate bouquet. Oak casks are refined through special woodwork which relies on burning the staves to the appropriate degree, as then the oak wood gives Miodula its exceptional, traditional and unique aroma. 
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