Tree of Life - Mulberry

Tree of Life - Mulberry

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Brand Name
Tree of Life - Mulberry
Country of Origin
Product Category
Bottle size
750 ml
Bottles Per Case
UPC Code
8 77358 001962
Case Weight
20 lb
Cases / Layer
Layer / Pallet
Cases / Pallet

Mulberry oghi is a strong alcoholic drink maniy produced inarmenia. It has the delicate and unique aroma of mulberries and herbs and a pleasent, slitghly oily taste. It is on a level with such premium drinks as tequila,rum,calvados and brandy. Let's visit one Armenian disilleny and see the process of it's production.The process begins with the collection of mulberries. A large piece of cellophone is put under a mullbery tree.

A man clims the tree and starts gently shakes the branches. Mulberries fall down on the cellphone then they are cleaned and squished into juice which is pourded into tanks for fermenation cuter than it's distilled in a special copper still. Once you taste this delicous drink you will never try the usual again!!!

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